Too Broke To Pay Attention

Thoughts on personal finance and how to avoid having it take over your life

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23 Jan 2011

I’m another one of those people who believed the regular money  myths that are detrimental to one’s wealth; add in a failed business that followed me around (lawsuit et al) for a long time and created debt I wasn’t too smart about paying off, and I suddenly woke up being 40, married for the first time and far too broke for the sort of income I had. Add to the mix a wife with the standard US student loan and a desire to both sell one house I own – well, the mortgage owns me – in another country and then buy a house together and we’ll have our work cut out for us. Fortunately we’re not living a lifestyle that is bigger than our wallets so we do have a little money left at the and of the month rather than a lot of month at the end of the money. Been there too, and believe me it’s not a place I want to revisit again.

I’m trying to chronicle the journey, including anything from day-to-day financial issues to trying to keep our hobbies alive during that time, but without overspending on them.

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