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More "interesting" ads spotted on late-night TV

18 Mar 2012

OK, maybe I shouldn’t be watching TV late at night then, it doesn’t seem to be very good for my blood pressure… Anyway, I came across another ad targeted to the financially illiterate.

So, it appears that you can lease furniture at Aaron’s and according to their website, they tout it as “better than rent-to-own”. It seems that one of the big advantages of leasing furniture is that you can return it if you can’t afford the lease payment and maybe pick it up later again if you can.

Hmm. I dunno about you, but for some strange reason I’m thinking that if I can’t afford to buy a new piece of furniture, maybe I should hit up the garage sales and pay cash for some used good condition furniture instead of buying it on the never-never, as it’s called in the UK. But I guess I’m just a grumpy old fart who is suspicious of “financial innovation”.

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